This American manufacturer employs more than 70,000 people worldwide who work in various industries such as: electrical, electronics, fibre optic, telecommunications, automotive, military and aerospace.

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is a leading manufacturer of certified turned and stamped connectors for harsh environments. They are characterized by high resistance to chemical agents, low moisture absorption, excellent insulating properties and lower power losses due to low resistance RADSOK® technology. Amphenol connectors are an alternative to MC4 and what is more they are of a higher quality. With this Amphenol department we work with most.

What can you find in the Amphenol offer?

• PV / solar connectors
• connectors for military and space industries
• connectors for automotive industry
• connectors for telecommunications and fibre optic industries

What distinguishes Amphenol products?

• very high quality of the products
• innovative RADSOK® technology
• sustainable development of the company, they are eco- and environmentally friendly. Corporate activities aimed at greater activation of local resources. The main idea: “think globally, but act locally”

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