Our definition of technical consultancy:

The goal of Wire Solutions is to broaden the competence in the field of knowledge about the latest cable harness production technologies and to build the trust of our customers by sharing this knowledge. We always want to be there where customers need us. We want to be part of the success of any developing companies through the components and technologies we provide and which we will tailor to the specific needs of our customers. We want to be the leader in our industry you can always rely on.

Main activities of Wire Solutions technical consultancy:

Improving our Customers' production processes through full control of production processes and ensuring the highest standards of offered products and services. A reliable, failure-free solution which automates cutting edge production processes - in an investment with a promise of return.


If your company, your employees have any technical problems when choosing right components, tools for cutting, isolating, crimping, please contact us. Describe your needs (if necessary, send the wires or terminals causing problems) so that our specialist will be able to test your products and come up with the best solution for you.

If you are interested in having a meeting at Wire Solutions headquarters or at your production site, please contact directly:

Stanisław Dobosz

Technical Manager

This employee is responsible for:

-technical matters


-training, presentations of the Rennstieg tools

The details for these contacts are:

Telephone: +48 606 725 982
E-mail: technical@wiresolutions.pl
Skype: wiresolutions.s.dobosz

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