Service and production company “eSPa” was founded in 1994. For the last 19 years we have been providing tools and equipment for companies that process wires and producewiring harnesses for different branches of production.Thanks to the staff of qualified employees, the company has established itself as a leader in the quality of the products offered on the Polish market. eSPa also has clients from other European markets, e.g. Serbia, Ukraine, Morocco. As Wire Solutions, cooperating with eSPa, we are guaranteed a reliable and solid partner, whose products will always be of the highest quality and always delivered on time.

What can you find in eSPa offer?

• spare parts for machines by Schleuniger (G&H), Tyco (AMP), Mecal, Hanke
• replacements for stripping blades for manufacturers Schleuniger, Komax, Artos, Kodera, Kirsten, Filomat
• parts for seal crimping machines (seals)
• spare parts for various applicators from the European market

What distinguishes eSPa products?

• the highest quality
• TÜV certificate


eSPa presentation