Who are we?

We specialize in supplying manufacturing companies with components, hand tools, automatic machines and semi-automatic machines for the production of cable harnesses. We offer comprehensive solutions to make your products reliable.

We guarantee the highest quality of our products confirmed by certificates of our manufacturers from the Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French markets.

Our main advantage is a well-coordinated, energetic team that strives for continuous development of the company through constant contact with the client, taking care of mutual relations, quick response to inquiries and meeting the expectations of customers in the electrotechnical industry.

We deliver our products and solutions to countries such as

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In this part of our website, we have collected important information for the Wire Solutions clients. From the most frequently asked questions to information about training - in a word, everything that will facilitate cooperation with us and help in mutual communication. We want to be a good partner for your business, so we make every effort to ensure that both the online and direct contact is easy and meets your expectations.


Do you want to be a real professional in what you do? Do you want your staff to make as few errors as possible during their production shift? Invest in educating yourself and your employees!


Soon, in this section, we will publish professional training materials on topics related to the broadly understood production, processing and application of cable harnesses in industry.


This section contains answers to questions most frequently asked by our clients and business partners, collected during 10 years of our cooperation. We hope that they will facilitate our mutual communication and have a positive impact on the comfort of cooperation with you. We are constantly working on improving our qualifications, we are open to dialogue in order to be the best partner for your business.

Are you a manufacturer of cable harnesses?

In Wire Solutions offer you can find many opportunities to improve production processes in your company. Top-class components, protection systems, tools and machines - this is a choice that results from years of experience in the industry. With us, you will implement automation through innovative solutions of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic and semi-automatic machines for wire processing. It is worth investing in the latest technologies with the aim of sustainable development of the company. Don't know where to start? Our qualified team is ready to consult, conduct an audit and help in choosing the optimal solution, both in terms of technology and finance, and will ensure the correct implementation of the new solution and train your staff. We also provide warranty services and post-warranty service. We also organize educational trips to the factories of our manufacturers for those willing.

Do you run an installation company?

We offer the highest quality components, hand tools, power tools and automatic machines for processing cable harnesses. Global brands, the highest quality of offered solutions, are a guarantee of efficient operation and failure-free installations. We will help you choose the right tools individually according to your needs, and we also have ready tool packages at promotional prices.

We place great emphasis on education, because the knowledge of installation companies about the correctness of cable connections is directly related to the safety of the installations. The lack of experience of the staff, low-quality components and perishable tools as well as incorrect working techniques are the most common causes of fires or failures. Thanks to our experience and professional solutions offered, your company will gain a reputation for reliable and efficient operation. No complaints. We provide a manufacturer's warranty for the supplied tools as well as post-warranty service.

Do you provide services connected with assembly of PV installations?

Professional, top-quality photovoltaic tools are our specialty. Wire Solutions also offers components for mounting solar cables. The German Rennsteig is the manufacturer whose offer we particularly recommend both in terms of quality and price. SOLARKIT is the sales hit of recent years. The tool carrying case can be purchased in various configurations, depending on the needs and the type of solar connectors installed. Ergonomic Rennsteig tools offer the quality of the Knipex Group, gaining recognition among professionals all over the world. If you are just rearranging your company for photovoltaics and you need training for your assembly team, our certified specialists will share their knowledge of best practices, make you aware of the risks and dangers you may encounter during work, and above all, train you how to avoid them, work quickly and effectively.

Do you need tools for special tasks?

Are you unable to find solutions to your production problems on the market? Contact us, and after the audit in cooperation with the manufacturer, we will find an innovative solution dedicated to your needs. Or maybe you want to create a line of tools with your own logo? We will produce handles for you in your selected color with a printed logo on them of your choice. Your employees pick up tools in production? We will mark them according to your needs using a laser engraving machine or other permanent printing technology.

Do you lace cables in cabinets?

In Wire Solutions offer you will find the best quality tools of top brands for your work. Our specialists will additionally train you in their operation and show you functions that you did not know about yet. The correct process of cutting, stripping and crimping cable connections is of great importance in the subsequent trouble-free operation of the installation. With us you will be rich in this knowledge.