HRB - producer of certified electronic connectors.

HRB is a High-Tech company based in China, existing since 2007, specializing in production of electronic connectors, industrial high-current terminal blocks, composite structural components, SMD sockets, connectors for the automotive industry and automated production equipment. The professional team combined with modern injection molding machines, innovative optical inspection systems and innovative management systems are the determinants of the high quality of its products. Through research, HRB offer is still being developed. The company has obtained a number of US patents for utility models and especially cares about professional quality ensuring the highest global standards in the industry. Therefore, HRB products have numerous certificates and are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN61984, UL2459, UL1977, UL310, UL2441 and other safety standards.

What can we find on HRB offer?

• IDC connectors (1.27 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.54 mm, 3.96 mm)
• RAST connectors (RAST 2.5, Power RAST 2.5, RAST 5.0)
• signal connectors (2.0 mm, 2.54 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.14 mm, 4.2 mm, 6.35 mm, 10.0 mm)
• Faston terminals (2.8 mm, 4.8 mm, 5.2 mm, 6.3 mm)

What distinguishes HRB products?

• high quality of products
• trust of top brands, i.e.: Elektrolux, Bosch, HP, Volkswagen, Ford, Cisco
• numerous certificates, incl. UL, REACH, VDE
• widely used, e.g. In automotive industry, household appliances, printers, air conditioners

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Certyfikat C2680 ROHS

Certyfikat C2680 SVHC

Certyfikat HRB2015-CUL-E304945

Certyfikat HRB2015-UL-E304945

Certyfikat PA66 UL94-V0 PAHS

Certyfikat PA66 UL94-V0 ROHS

Certyfikat PA66 UL94-V0 SVHC 163