KNIPEX currently is the Germany's leading global manufacturer of pliers with more than 135 years of rich history.

The company is exclusively focused on production in Germany (Wuppertal) with a view to environmental and social sustainability.

Their offer includes more than 1000 products from the group of hand tools such as: universal pliers, pliers and stripping tools, gripping pliers, crimping pliers, nail pincers, concreters’ nippers, pipe wrenches and pliers, crimping pliers and many others.

KNIPEX products are used, among others, in modern areas such as solar technology, wind energy or aviation.

What can you find in KNIPEX offer?

• universal pliers, gripping pliers, pliers and stripping tools
• pipe wrenches and pliers
• carpenters' end cutting pliers, concreters’ nippers
• multi-purpose control cabinets keys
• crimping products
• precision tweezers
• tool bags and tool cases
• electricians’ tools

What distinguishes KNIPEX products?

• manufacture exclusively in Germany - “Made in Wuppertal”
• technical advantage, independent design and construction of many of our own tool making machines
• products supported by numerous certificates

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