MECAL - Italian manufacturer of presses and applicators for precise crimping of terminals on wires.
Founded in 1976 in Italy, Mecal S.r.l. from the very outset has aimed at providing the highest quality crimping devices for cable harnesses. In 40 years, Mecal has become the world's leading manufacturer of crimping tools and presses. Constantly improving its products, it maintains its leading position to this day, being a reputable partner for crimping tasks. Mecal machines are widely used in the automotive, communication and IT industries and wherever connections that meet the highest standards are required. Patented solutions that guarantee work safety, the possibility of precise process control and options for both smaller and larger manufacturers constitute an offer worth taking an interest in, as well as the highly qualified staff of the company, modern and rational production structure, continuous investment in new technologies allow the company to maintain quality at a consistently high level. All components and parts are manufactured in the Mecal plant, which allows for full control of each production stage and maintaining a competitive price level Wire Solutions has Mecal presses available immediately at our warehouse in Wrocław. We also provide consulting, training and maintenance services.

What can we find on Mecal offer?

- applicators
- crimping presses
- crimping machines

What distinguishes Mecal products?

- high accuracy of feeding the terminal to crimpimg
- devices for processing cables with a large span of cross sections starting from 1mm2 the ability to adjust the working parameters of machines
- compact size of the devices
- patented solutions
- work safety
- certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, TUV

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Mecal Equipments