Metzner - machines for difficult to process cables.
,br> Metzner is a manufacturer of equipment for difficult-to-process cables. Metzner machines enable cutting and stripping multi-core and multi-structure cables in one work cycle, ranging from 0.5 - 240 mm² (depending on the type of device). Metzner is a pioneer in the processing of high voltage cables for electric cars. It cooperates with the tycoon of the E-Mobility industry, Tesla, providing solutions for the processing of cables preparing them for crimping. The offer includes devices for cutting corrugated tubes, with a guarantee of cutting on the top or in the valley (this prevents the formation of sharp edges on the tubes and damaging the cables). Metzner also makes special production lines. New products are lines dedicated to signal twisted pair mutli-core and high-voltage cables. The Triathlon system is also very popular: it is the optimization and more efficient production of cables for control cabinets, marking, cutting and crimping cables in one work cycle. Where other machines can't handle cables, Metzner can offer robust solutions. WIRE SOLUTIONS is a general distributor of machinery products of the German manufacturer - the Metzner company on the Polish market. Wire Solutions will advise and optimize the right solutions for your production needs.

What can we find on Metzner offer?

• devices for difficult to process cables
• machines for cutting and stripping multi-core cables
• special production lines and dedicated systems to optimize production

What distinguishes Metzner products?

• the world's first automatic machines for processing high voltage cables
• wire processing in the range from 0.5 - 240mm2
• special dedicated production lines that optimize production - e.g. marking, cutting,
• crimping cables in one production cycle.


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