PGR - an Italian manufacturer of components for the production of power cords.

P.G.R. manufactures components for power and extension cords. P.G.R. is a company with over thirty years of tradition that started as a small Italian company based in Asti, Italy. The name of the company is derived from the company owner’s children’s names initials. 1986 - a decision was made to start the construction of machines, specially designed for the production of inserts components, which contributed to the expansion of the sales offer. During that time, the company expanded its offer of production components to the markets of Asia, the Americas, Northern and Eastern Europe. The dynamic development allowed the company to quickly take the leading position in the production of inserts on the European market. The progress was confirmed by awarding the ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate. P.G.R. products have also obtained IMQ and VDE markings in Europe and other countries, incl. Israel, Australia and South America countries. Thanks to the high quality of P.G.R. products, the company quickly gained the trust of Polish customers, which contributed to the conclusion of the Representation Agreement appointing WIRE SOLUTIONS as the company Representative in Poland. WIRE SOLUTIONS has been a representative of P.G.R. on the Polish market since 2005. A long-existing monopolistic market in Poland came finally to an end.

What can we find on PGR offer?

• bridges and sockets for the production of power and extension cords

What distinguishes PGR products?

• high quality
• numerous certificates, e.g. VDE, RoHS


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