GMG produces parts for electrical and electronic connections as well as custom-made components. We are representative of these manufacturers in Poland, which allows us to reach Polish manufacturers of wire harnesses and electric cables with a comprehensive offer..


Currently, MIKROPLA is a manufacturer with over thirty years of experience in the production of electrical connection systems. A wide range of products, as well as a guarantee of quality and reliability, enable our continuous and lasting cooperation with MIKROPLA on the Polish market.


Cembre is an Italian manufacturer of electrical and assembly equipment. Their product range includes cable connectors, connectors, etc. They also offer a wide range of tools, both mechanical and pneumatic.


HRB is a company that has existed since 2007 and specializes in the production of cable connectors. A professional team combined with modern injection molding machines are the determinants of the high quality of the products offered.


Amphenol H4 solar connectors are 1: 1 equivalent to MC4 connectors. Certified, high-quality products that can be crimped with presses from the Rennsteig Solarkit.


The COMTEC company was established in 1983 with the intention of selling machines to companies serving the segment of cable harness manufacturers.


Founded in 1976 in Italy, Mecal company from the very beginning of its activity has aimed to provide the highest quality crimping devices for the market of cable harnesses.


Japanese manufacturer of of cable processing machines. Extensive experience gained since the 1970s, high quality and precision of products as well as innovative solutions have allowed Kodera to become one of the largest manufacturers of machines in this industry.


Hanke is a German family company that has been developing and producing presses, applicators, spare parts for applicators and special machines for the cable industry for 38 years.


Metzner is a manufacturer of equipment for difficult-to-process cables. Metzner machines cut and strip multi-core and multi-structure cables in one work cycle.


Relats is a Catalan manufacturer of flexible pipes and thermal insulation for electric and electromagnetic cabling, dedicated in particular to the railway and automotive industries.


Ramatech is a European leader in providing solutions for dereeling, rewinding and winding cables.

The devices ensure the correctness of the cutting and stripping process.


P.G.R. is a company with over thirty years of tradition that started as a small Italian company based in Asti, Italy. The name of the company is derived from the company owner’s children’s names initials.


The company RENNSTEIG Werkzeuge (owned by Knipex) is based in the German town of Viernau in Thuringia. This region can boast a rich tradition in the production of hand tools.


KNIPEX is currently a leading German manufacturer of pliers in the world with a global reach with over 135 years of rich history.


The brand statement of the WERA manufacturer is: “Be a Tool Rabel”! Anyone can become a tool rebel and fit into the atmosphere of the German manufacturer Wera, operating dynamically on the European market for over 75 years.


A manufacturer from Denmark, whose mission is to provide lighting for industrial facilities and more. The work lights produced by SCANGRIP is extremely powerful, functional and user-friendly.


HIROSE offer includes over 50,000 different connectors for industries such as: automotive, telecommunications, manufacture, robotics, medical industry, household appliances.


Service and production company “eSPa” have been providing tools and equipment for companies that process wires and producewiring harnesses for different branches of production.


Elematic is an Italian manufacturer of cable ties. The company was founded in 1977 and has become a leader in cable fastening systems. Elematic products are of high quality, which is confirmed by numerous certificates

Zoller + Fröhlich

Ferrules, tools and machines for many different applications