Every now and then we prepare for you promotions of selected products, such as: cutting tools, insulation stripping, crimping, applicators, presses, semi-automatic and automatic machines, terminals on tapes and in bulk, plastic housings or braided sleeves.

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The promotion is valid until stocks last in Wire Solutions warehouse in Wroclaw.

Replacement products

Many of the global terminal manufacturers produce terminals and connectors according to international standards. However, each manufacturer marks the product with their own logo and manufactures them according to their own DIN standards. It does not mean, however, that you cannot replace your current terminal with a product from another manufacturer whose dimensions and other parameters are very similar or even identical.

Under this tab we have listed suggested replacement product on the basis of our ten-year experience of work with the clients.

When choosing the right terminals, we compared the parameters used in the technical drawings. If you want to be 100% sure that a given terminal we suggest to you as an alternative in the production process is a proper one, please order free samples for testing so that you know if our product is compatible with your tooling (applicator, press).

Quite often, however, switching to our terminals brings only benefits:

• high quality of terminal blocks is guaranteed
• competitive price
• possibility to maintain a constant supply of stock according to your needs
• professional, expeditious service

Enter the product code

Nasz producentNasz numerOdpowiednikPRODUCENT
Elematic5317E112A Ergom: opaska kablowa 300x4,8mm Czarna TKUV 30/5 (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E01TK-01050101301 Art. 36J154 Hecho / 30901.300.048 Fabory trytytkaErgom
Elematic5320E321A Ergom: opaska kablowa 430x4,8mm Czarna TKUV 43/5 (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E01TK-01050101501 trytytkaErgom
Bm Group32379Koäc¢wka K90R 120/8Ergom
Bm Group163145Koäc¢wka KOR 25/6 / 45 stopni100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
Bm Group163745Koäc¢wka K45 R 25/8/100szt./Ergom
Bm Group183745Koäc¢wka K45 R 50/8/100szt./Ergom
Bm Group184345Koäc¢wka K45 R 50/10/100szt./Ergom
Cembre193745Koäc¢wka K45 R 70/8/100szt.Ergom
Bm Group194945Koäc¢wka K45R 70/12 Cu/SnErgom
Bm Group313745Koäc¢wka KOR 95/8 45 stopni (opk=50szt)Ergom
Bm Group314345Koäc¢wka K45 R 95/10/50sztErgom
Bm Group314945Koäc¢wka K45R 95/12/50sztErgom
Bm Group323745Koäc¢wka KOR 45 120/8 Cu/Sn /50sztErgom
Hatko0502104059, SF1 DE 6,3 RCNRSB. 7630 X 6.3-1.5Stocko
Cembre1900.07/XDP 7/H (100 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.09/XDP 9/H (100 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.11/XDP 11/H (100 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.13/XDP 13/H (100 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.16/XDP 16/H (100 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.21/XDP 21/H (50 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.29/XDP 29/H (50 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.36/XDP 36/H (10 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.42/XDP 42/H (10 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
Cembre1900.48/XDP 48/H (10 SZT.) DAWNICA KABLOWAErgom
GMG30000.52.001MOLEX 94512-0100, TE 5-160432-4, IMP 672.08.00.3, IMP 670.08.00.3
GMG30000.52.021STOCKO RSB 7960 F 6,3-1, Inarca 0101204009 SF1DK(6,3)DPK
GMG30001.21.001RSB 7901 F 6.3-2.5Stocko
GMG30001.52.000KONEKTOR F-2,5 (PO 5000 SZT) [670.08.00.9]IMP
GMG30001.52.021S0.161.896 ZACISK RSB 7901 CUZN SN, IMP670.08.01.3
GMG30001.52.021S0.116.451 Z¤CZKI STOCKO RSB 7901 br¥zStocko
GMG30003.52.001KONEKTOR A(2,8)-1 (PO 5000 SZT)IMP
GMG30003.52.081RSB 7785.003 F 2.8-1Stocko
GMG30004.40.011IMP 684.08.04.3, Stocko RSB 7944.010 F 6.3-1.5IMP
GMG30004.52.001;RSB 8240.1158 F 6,3-1,5Stocko
GMG30004.52.081RSB 7944.010Stocko
GMG30005.52.081RSB 7944.258Stocko
GMG30008.40.011RSB 8152 F 6.3-6Stocko
GMG30013.52.000KONEKTOR J-1 (PO 5000 SZT) [674.18.00.9]IMP
GMG30013.52.001KONEKTOR J-1 (PO 5000ZWàJ) [674.18.00.3]IMP
GMG30013.52.001, 30013.52.021RSB7916Stocko
GMG30015.52.001KONEKTOR J-2,5 (PO 5000ZWàJ) [674.08.00.3]IMP
GMG30015.52.021TE 42100-2, Stocko RSB 7858.001 F 6.3-2.5
GMG30019.52.000KONEKTOR J-2,5 (PO 5000 SZT) [674.08.00.9]IMP
GMG30036.52.021RSB 7603.001 F 4.8-1Stocko
GMG30039.52.0017603.108 F4,8-1Stocko
GMG30049.52.001RSB 7785 F2,8-1 BRFTStocko
GMG30054.52.02194030-5000, RSB 8138 F 6.3-2.5, 683.08.01.3SX
GMG30063.51.006Koäc¢wka SF 1 DE TEK(6,3)RPHatko
GMG30063.52.001KONEKTOR I-2,5 (PO 2500 SZT)IMP
GMG31003.52.001RMB 7831.010 Z6,3-1Stocko
GMG31006.51.001KONEKTOR A-2,5 (PO 5000ZWàJ) [677.00.3]IMP
GMG32000.51.021KOãCàWKA M4-O-2,5 Sn (PO 5000 ZWàJ) [3804/M.05.01.3]IMP
GMG32001.51.000KOãCàWKA M5-O-2,5 (PO 5000 SZT)IMP
GMG32001.51.001KOãCàWKA M5-O-2,5 (PO 5000ZWàJ) [3805/M.05.00.3]IMP
GMG32002.51.001KOãCàWKA M6-O-2,5 (PO 5000 ZWàJ) [3806/M.05.00.3]IMP
GMG32023.51.001RSB 7206 A 4-1Stocko
GMG32023.51.001, 32023.51.021Stocko RSB 7206 A3-1, Inarca 10183201
GMG32025.51.000KOãCàWKA M4-O-1,5 (PO 5000 SZT)IMP
GMG32043.51.021Koäc¢wka SKN 2,5-05 RPK (RP)Hatko
GMG33002.51.0010802F RSB7999 V-0,5Stocko
GMG33004.51.001RSB7770V-1 MSFTStocko
GMG33006.51.001RSB7735.001 V-1,5 MStocko
GMG33006.51.081ZACISK STOCKO RSB 7735.001 MOSI¤DZ CYN., Lear 25131.123.178
GMG33007.51.001RSB7837 V-2,5Stocko
GMG33007.51.081RSB 7837 V-2,5Stocko
GMG33009.51.001GHW 25136.112.009 MOSI¤DZ, STOCKO RSB 7770 MOSI¤DZ, RSB 7832 V-2,5 MSFT
GMG33018.51.0810101107120 - SKN4-06-YTRPKInarca
GMG33021.50.081RSB7791 V-6Stocko
GMG33024.51.001 (zbli¾ony)EHQ451-2,5Stocko
GMG33025.51.0010101110015 - STK7RPKInarca
GMG33036.04.001Koäc¢wka STK2 RCN (0502111001) #stal NiHatko
GMG33040.51.001 (zbli¾ony)EHQ452-6Stocko
GMG35018.52.726RSB 7918.002V1,6-0,8Stocko
GMG35087.21.001RSB 7900 F 6.3-1Stocko
GMG35087.52.0010802F RSB8260158-OTStocko
GMG35088.40.011ZACISK FASTON RSB 8260.258 F 6,3-2,5Stocko
GMG35110.52.081RSB 8100 F2,8-1 BRFTStocko
GMG35111.52.081S0.288.690 ZACISK RSB 8100.001 MOSI¤DZ C, Inarca 0011396201
GMG35113.52.0810047F RSB 8240.158 STStocko
GMG35125.21.001ZACISK STOCKO RSB 7960 F6,3-1 BR¤Z CYN.Stocko
GMG35125.52.001RSB 8178.108 F 6,3-1Stocko
GMG35126.52.001RSB 7961.020 F 6.3-2Stocko
GMG35126.52.081ZACISK STOCKO RSB 7961 MOSI¤DZ CYN.Stocko
GMG35137.52.081RSB 8028.001 OTST, STOCKO RSB 8028 F 4,8-1Stocko
GMG35139.52.081S0.249.256 FASTON RSB 8028.001 F 4,8-1Stocko
GMG35148.52.086S0.116.190 ZACISK RSB 7984 - 4,8x0,8 0,5Stocko
GMG35157.52.086Inaca 926883-1, TE 926898-1
GMG35158.52.086TE 350874-1, Inarca 926882-1
GMG35173.52.081, 35125.52.001, 35125.52.081RSB8178.1108F6,3-1Stocko
GMG35225.51.081HS 91.403.120Hans Schatz
Elematic5303/CE114A Ergom: opaska kablowa 100x2,5mm Czarna TKUV 9/3 (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E01TK-01050100201 trytytkaErgom
Elematic5306/CE319A Ergom: opaska kablowa 160x2,5mm Czarna TKUV 16/3 (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E01TK-01050100401 Art. 36J132 Hecho / 30901.160.025 Fabory trytytkaErgom
Elematic5314/CE192A Ergom: opaska kablowa 200x3,6mm Czarna TKUV 20/3,6 (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E01TK-01050100601 trytytkaErgom
Cembre59644-1Tyco #474550-000Te
Cembre59644-2Tyco #493356-000Te
Cembre59644-3Tyco #444122-000Te
Cembre59644-4Tyco #805984-000Te
Cembre59644-5Tyco #092458-000Te
Cembre59644-6Tyco #226310-0000Te
Cembre59644-7Tyco #677496-000Te
Cembre59644-8Tyco #729268-000Te
Cembre59644-LTyco #234826-000Te
Cembre59644-NTyco #928608-000Te
Rennsteig624 1667 3 + 624 1666 0 0110757690-LDelphi
Rennsteig624 1669 3 + 624 1668 0 0110757692-LDelphi
Rennsteig624 674 3 0RN124- 624 674Te
Rennsteig624 691 3 0RN586- 624 691Te
Rennsteig624 737 3 0RN384- 539737-2Te
Rennsteig624 743 3 0RN270- 539743-2Te
Rennsteig624 758 3 3539758-2Te
Rennsteig8752 0000 6621205Astro
CembreA10-L10Koäc¢wka K90R 50/10Ergom
CembreA10-L6Koäc¢wka K90R 50/6 90 stopniErgom
CembreA10-L8Koäc¢wka K90R 50/8Ergom
CembreA10-M10KOR 50/10, E11KM-01020104700 Art. 1131-511AA-ER351 TIM
A10-M6KM 50/6Ergom
CembreA10-M8KOR 50/8, E11KM-01020104600, 1131-511AA-ER367 TIM, TT508-25, 2X737174
CembreA14-L10Koäc¢wka k¥towa K90R 70/10 / ERGOM /opak.=100szt./Ergom
CembreA14-L12Koäc¢wka k¥towa K90R 70/12 / ERGOM /opak.=100szt./Ergom
CembreA14-M10E11KM-01020105400, KOR 70/10
CembreA14-M8E11KM-01020105300, KOR 70/8Ergom
CembreA14-P30Koäc¢wka KI 70 - 50sztErgom
CembreA19-L10Koäc¢wka K90R 95/10Ergom
CembreA19-L12Koäc¢wka K90R 95/12Ergom
CembreA19-L8Koäc¢wka K90R 95/8 k¥towa rurowa E11KM-01040103400 opak=50szt /ERGOMErgom
CembreA19-M10E11KM-01020106000, KOR 95/10
CembreA19-M8E11KM-01020105900, KOR 95/8
CembreA1-M4E11KM-01020101760, KOR 6/4
CembreA1-M6E11KM-01020101960, KOR 6/6
CembreA1-M8E11KM-01020102060, KOR 6/8
CembreA24-L10Koäc¢wka K90R 120/10Ergom
CembreA24-L12Koäc¢wka K90R 120/12Ergom
CembreA24-M10E11KM-01020106600, KOR 120/10
CembreA24-M12E11KM-01020106700, KOR 120/12
CembreA2-M10E11KM-01020102600, KOR 10/10
CembreA2-M46762210P0404 - KOãCàWKA OCZKOWA KORo 10/4(Ergom
CembreA2-M6E364 Ergom: koäc¢wka oczkowo-rurkowa KOR 10/6 (BOX a'100szt.) ArT. E11KM-01020102400 Art. 1131-511AA-ER551 TIM Art. TT106-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 3D065345 FaboryErgom
CembreA2-M8KOR 10/8, E11KM-01020102500, 1131-511AA-ER401 TIM, TT108-50, 8M576966
CembreA30-M10Koäc¢wka kablowa Cu-Sn 150/10Ergom
CembreA37-M10Koäc¢wka kablowa Cu-Sn 185/10Ergom
CembreA3-L6Koäc¢wka KOR 6/16mm2 90 stopni Cu/Sn /100szt/Ergom
CembreA3-L8Koäc¢wka K90R16/8/ 90 stopni/ Cu/Sn/100sztErgom
CembreA3-M10E11KM-01020103100, KOR 16/10
CembreA3-M12Koäc¢wka KOR 16/12 /100szt/Ergom
CembreA3-M6E259 Ergom: koäc¢wka oczkowo-rurkowa KOR 16/6 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01020102900 Art. 1131-511AA-ER537 TIM Art. TT166-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 1E104732 FaboryErgom
CembreA3-M8KOR 16/8, E11KM-01020103000, 1131-511AA-ER529 TIM, TT168-50, 6T495525
CembreA48-M10E11KM-01020108200, KOR 240/10
CembreA48-M12E11KM-01020108300, KOR 240/12
CembreA5-L6Koäc¢wka K90R 25/6/ 90 stopni/ Cu/Sn/100sztErgom
CembreA5-L8Koäc¢wka KOR90 25/8 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreA5-M10E11KM-01020103600, KOR 25/10Ergom
CembreA5-M6E257 Ergom: koäc¢wka oczkowo-rurkowa KOR 25/6 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01020103400 Art. 1131-511AA-ER661 TIM Art. TT256-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 8N216081 FaboryErgom
CembreA5-M8KOR 25/8, E11KM-01020103500, E11KM-01020103500 TIM, TT258-50, 5C960530
CembreA7-L6Koäc¢wka KOR 35/6 90 stopni /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreA7-L8Koäc¢wka KOR 35/8 90 stopni /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreA7-M10KOR 35/10, E11KM-01020104100, 1131-511AA-ER399 TIM, TT3510-50, 6B021857
CembreA7-M12Koäc¢wka KOR 35/12 Cu/SnErgom
CembreA7-M6KOR 35/6, E11KM-01020103900, 1131-511OL-ER025 TIM, TT356-50, 6K459863, KM 35/6
CembreA7-M8KOR 35/8, E11KM-01020104000, 1131-511AA-ER366 TIM, TT358-50, 7I986766
CembreA7-P20Koäc¢wka KI 35 - 50sztErgom
CembreAA120-M12Koäc¢wka ALU-F 120-12 PETRIErgom
CembreAA240-M12Koäc¢wka ALU-F 240-12 PETRI, 240x12ALU-F
CembreAA50-M12Koäc¢wka 50x12 KU-F-VErgom
CembreAA70-M12Koäc¢wka ALU-F 70-12 PETRI, AL-70/12 KRA Ergom
CembreAA70-M14Koäc¢wka ALU-F 70-16 PETRIErgom
CembreANE19-M12Koäc¢wka KOI 95/12 / 100sztErgom
CembreANE2-M10Koäc¢wka KOI 10/10 / 100sztErgom
CembreANE2-M12Koäc¢wka KOI 10/12 / 100sztErgom
CembreANE2-M6Koäc¢wka KOI 10/6 /100sztErgom
CembreANE2-M8Koäc¢wka kablowa KOI 10/8Ergom
CembreANE3-M10Koäc¢wka KOI 16/10 / 100sztErgom
CembreANE3-M6Koäc¢wka KOI 16/6 (100 szt)Ergom
CembreANE-M8Koäc¢wka KOI 25/8 / 100sztErgom
CembreBF-BF5E289 Ergom: gniazdo caˆkowicie izolowane GCI 2,5/4 PCV niebieskie (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E10KN-03030300201 Art. 1549BLU-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 1X493482 FaboryErgom
CembreBF-BM5E10KN-03040101001, WI 2,5/4 PCV
CembreBF-F408E810 Ergom: nasuwka izolowana NI 4,8-2,5/0,8 PCV niebieska (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E10KN-03010103201Ergom
CembreBF-F408PE475 Ergom: nasuwka caˆkowicie izolowana NCI 4,8-2,5/0,8 PCV niebieska (1opak.=100szt.) Art. 1742BLU-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 6Z155843 FaboryErgom
CembreBF-F608PNCI 6,3-2,5/0,8 PCV, 1542BLU-100, 9H637990, E10KN-03010302901, #9-0160313-2
CembreBF-FM608Tyco #9-0160463-2Te
CembreBF-M10Koäc¢wka KOI 2,5/10 /100sztErgom
CembreBF-M12Koäc¢wka KOI 2.5/12 kpl.100szt.Ergom
CembreBF-M4E09KO-02010101700, KOV 4-2,5, KOI 2,5/4, #0-0320565-0
CembreBF-M5KOI 2,5/5, KOE 5/2,5, KOV 5 -2,5, E09KO-02010101900Ergom
CembreBF-M8E09KO-02010102000, KOI 2,5/8
CembreBF-U3Koäc¢wka KWI 2.5/3 Wideˆ. 100Ergom
CembreBF-U4Koäc¢wka KWI 2.5/4w Wideˆ. 100Ergom
CembreBF-U5Koäc¢wka KWI 2.5/5 Wideˆ. (100szt)Ergom
CembreBN- M6RSQ 7109 A6-2,5Stocko
CembreBN-M4E09KO-01010101700, KOA4-2,5/100, KOA5-2,5/100, KO 2.5/4
CembreBN-M5Koäc¢wka KOA M5-2.5/ KO 2.5/5 /100szt./Ergom
CembreBN-M62,5xKU-SP, KOA6-2,5/100Erko
CembreBN-M8KOA_8-2,5/100, RSQ 7162A8-2,5
CembreCA40S-M12Koäc¢wka kablowa Cu - 35/12 KU-FErgom
CembreCA70S-M12Koäc¢wka 70x12 KU-FErgom
CembreCAA120-M12Koäc¢wka kab. AL-CU 120-16 ALU-KU-MErgom
CembreCAA240-M12Koäc¢wka kab. AL-CU 240-16 ALU-KU-MErgom
MikroplaCRT6V0TE 770377-1Tyco
MikroplaCT1004LHEH 657.100 PA66 V2Stocko
MikroplaCT10067Cosˆonki 6352129700Stocko
MikroplaCT1010eh649, 100.010W ON1-B (63.02)
MikroplaCT10110854023700, 200.010W OK1-B
MikroplaCT1020OBUDOWA .110.020W ON2-B (63.25)IMP
MikroplaCT1021OBUDOWA .210.020W OK2-B (63.26)IMP
MikroplaCT1022osˆonki VV2025-200Stocko
MikroplaCT102363N010Colombo Sergio
MikroplaCT1030OBUDOWA .100.030W ON3-B (63.13)IMP
MikroplaCT1031OBUDOWA .200.030W OK3-B (63.12)IMP
MikroplaCT1040OBUDOWA .100.040W ON4-B (63.05)IMP
MikroplaCT1041OBUDOWA .200.040W OK4-B (63.04)IMP
MikroplaCT106063N026, 110.060W ON6-B
MikroplaCT1061OBUDOWA .200.060W OK6-B (63.07)IMP
MikroplaCT106363N027AColombo Sergio
MikroplaCT108063N028, 100.080W ON8-B
MikroplaCT1081OBUDOWA .200.080W OK8-B (63.23)IMP
MikroplaCT2002BSTOCKO EH695-G NEUTR, 63N004, 108.000WStocko
MikroplaCT2002BZKOSTKA STOCKO EH 677-G TYP6,3 PA66 V0Stocko
CembreDR185-12Koäc¢wka KDR 185/12 Cu/Sn DIN 46235Ergom
CembreDR240-12Koäc¢wka KDR 240/12 Cu/Sn DIN 46235Ergom
CembreDR25-12Koäc¢wka KCS 12-25Ergom
CembreGF-F608PE262 Ergom: nasuwka caˆkowicie izolowana NCI 6,3-6/0,8 PCV ¾¢ˆta (1opak.=100szt.) Art. 1543YLW-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 3X514197 Fabory
CembreGF-M10Koäc¢wka KOI 6/10 PC /100sztErgom
CembreGF-M12Koäc¢wka KOI 6/12 /100sztErgom
CembreGF-M4E214 Ergom: koäc¢wka oczkowa izolowana KOI 6/4 PCV ¾¢ˆta (1opak.=100szt.) Art. 674YLW-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 9R773802 FaboryErgom
CembreGF-M5E213 Ergom: koäc¢wka oczkowa izolowana KOI 6/5 PCV ¾¢ˆta (1opak.=100szt.)Ergom
CembreGF-M6KOI 6/6 PCV ¾¢ˆta, 00331 EM, 539YLW-100, 5U288734, KOE 6-6, #0-0165028-0, E09KO-02010102700
CembreGF-M8KOI 6/8 PCV ¾¢ˆta, 00337 EM, 563YLW-100, 7V261867, E09KO-02010102800
CembreGN-M10KOA10-6/100, KO 6/10Erko
CembreGN-M5E09KO-01010103200, KOA 5/6, KOA_5-6/100Erko
CembreGN-M6E09KO-01010102700, KOA M6-6/ KO 6/6, KOA 6/6Erko
CembreGN-M8RSQ7115A8-6, E09KO-01010102800, KOA M8-6/ KO 6/8
CembreHR10-10Koäc¢wka KOR 10/10/100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR10-6Koäc¢wka KOR 10/6 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR10-8Koäc¢wka KOR 10/8 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR120-10Koäc¢wka KOR 120/10 /50szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR120-12Koäc¢wka KOR 120/12 /op=50szt/Ergom
CembreHR120-8Koäc¢wka KOR 120/8 Cu/Sn /50sztErgom
CembreHR150-12Koäc¢wka KOR 150/12 /50szt/Ergom
CembreHR16-10Koäc¢wka KOR 16/10 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR16-12Koäc¢wka KOR 16/12 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR16-6Koäc¢wka KOR 16/6 Cu/Sn /100szt/Ergom
CembreHR16-8Koäc¢wka KOR 16/8 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR185-10Koäc¢wka KOR 185/10 /50szt/Ergom
CembreHR240-10Koäc¢wka KOR 240/12 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR240-12Koäc¢wka kablowa Cu-240/12 KMErgom
CembreHR25-10Koäc¢wka KCS 10-25, KOR 25/10Ergom
CembreHR25-6Koäc¢wka KOR 25/6 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR25-8Koäc¢wka KOR 25/8 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR300-12Koäc¢wka kablowa Cu-300/12 -KMErgom
CembreHR35-10Koäc¢wka KOR 35/10 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR35-8Koäc¢wka KOR 35/8 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR50-10Koäc¢wka KOR 50/10, KSC 50/10Ergom
CembreHR50-12Koäc¢wka KOR 50/12 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR50-6Koäc¢wka KOR 50/6Ergom
CembreHR50-8Koäc¢wka KOR 50/8 /100szt/Ergom
CembreHR70-10Koäc¢wka KOR 70/10 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR70-12Koäc¢wka KCS 12-70, KOR 70/12Ergom
CembreHR70-8Koäc¢wka KOR 70/ 8 /100szt/ Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR95-10Koäc¢wka KOR 95/10 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR95-12Koäc¢wka kablowa KOR 95/12 Cu/SnErgom
CembreHR95-8Koäc¢wka KOR 95/8 (opk=50szt)Ergom
CembreKOR 120/10A24-M10Ergom
CembreKOR 25/8A5-M8Ergom
CembreKOR 50/6A10-M6Ergom
CembreKOR 50/8A10-M8Ergom
CembreL10-ME920 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL50 fi 14,0mm 50mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060200500 zamiennik: Art. KL C60-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 7H043382 FaboryErgom
CembreL1-ME934 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL6-20 fi 4,0mm 6mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060100700 Ergom
CembreL2-ME919 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL10 fi 4,5mm 10mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060200100 zamiennik: Art. C8-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 6I555177 FaboryErgom
CembreL3-ME933 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL16 fi 5,5mm 16mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060200200 zamiennik: Art. C14-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 8E223071 FaboryErgom
CembreL5-ME928 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL25 fi 10,0mm2 25mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060200300 zamiennik: Art. C38-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 5E240982 FaboryErgom
CembreL7-ME927 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy KL35 fi 8,5mm 35mm2 (BOX a'100szt.) Art. E11KM-01060200400 zamiennik: Art. C22-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 5N839394 FaboryErgom
HRBM5003-2-AA-1MFMP 9590-02-AA02-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5003-4-AA-1MFMP 9590-04-AA08-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5003-4-AA-2MFMP 9590-04-AA07-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5004-3-AA-1-2MFMP 9590-03-AA03-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5004-4-AA-3-1MFMP 9590-04-AA06-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5004-6-AA-0105-2MFMP 9590-06-AA01-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5004-7-AA-0106-3MFMP 9590-07-AA06-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5004-8-AA-0107-3MFMP 9590-08-AA03-000-960-000-00Stocko
HRBM5006-2-W-011-A0EH 688.400-007-00A-960-AStocko
HRBM7235R-4-AA-1(X)MFMP 7234-004-068-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7235R-5-AA-0104(X)-V1MFMP 7234-005-091-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7238R-14-1(X)MFMP 7238-014-069-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7238R-20-1(X)MFMP 7238-020-063-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7238R-2-1(X)MFMP 7238-202-563-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7238R-3-0(X)MFMP 7238-003-571-960Stocko
HRBM7238R-4-1(X)MFMP 7238-004-566-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7238R-6-1(X)MFMP 7238-006-560-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7260R-8-0000(X)MFMP 7260-008-001-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7263R-2-AB-1-0(X)MFMP 7262-002-004-960-000-00-GStocko
HRBM7273-2-AA-1-0MFMP 7262-002-002-960Stocko
HRBM7273-2-FA-1-0MFMP 7262-002-003-960Stocko
HRBM7273-3-AA-2-1MFMP 7262-003-004-960Stocko
HRBM7273-4-AA-13-2MFMP 7262-004-009-960Stocko
HRBM7280-3-0000(X)seria 352103Lumberg
HRBM7280-5-0002(X)3521 05 K30Lumberg
HRBM7288-10-BB-0(X)MFMP 7238-010-070-960.Stocko
HRBM7288-3-BB-2(X)3517 03 K08Lumberg
HRBM7288-5-BB-1(X)3517 05 K20Lumberg
HRBM7288-6-BB-2(X)3517 06 K07Lumberg
HRBM7288-7-BB-0(X)MFMP 7238-007-073-960Stocko
HRBM7288-8-BB-0(X)MFMP 7238-008-064-960Stocko
HRBM7288-9-BB-0(X)MFMP 7238-009-069-960Stocko
CembreML95-240-12CKoäc¢wka ˜rubowa C95-240x12Ergom
HRBP5012-7-W-006-B03623 02 K02Lumberg
CembrePKD1012E08KH-01010110300, HI 10/12, HI-1,0/10Ergom
CembrePKD110E08KH-01010108200, HI 1/10 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD112E08KH-01010108300, HI 1/12 ERHN, HI 1-18Ergom
CembrePKD1508KOãCàWKA RURK.HI 1,5/8- DINErgom
CembrePKD1612E08KH-01010110700, HI 16/12 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD25016E08KH-02010108401, HI 25/16 DIN ERHLErgom
CembrePKD2508E08KH-01010109000, HI 2,5/10 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD2512E08KH-01010109100, HI 2,5/12 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD412E08KH-01010109500, HI 4/12 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD508KOãCàWKA TULEJK. HI 0,5/10- DINErgom
CembrePKD612E08KH-01010109900, HI 6/12 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD618E08KH-01010110100, HI 6/18 ERHNErgom
CembrePKD7508KOãCàWKA TULEJK. HI-0,75/8- DINErgom
CembrePKT1014E08KH-02020102601, HI 2X10/14Ergom
CembrePKT110E08KH-02020104921, HI 2X1/10Ergom
CembrePKT1512E08KH-02020105301, HI 2X1,5/12Ergom
CembrePKT1614Koäc¢wka HI 2x16/14 (50 szt)Ergom
CembrePKT2510E08KH-02020105521, HI 2X2,5/10Ergom
CembrePKT412E08KH-02020102101, HI 2X4/12Ergom
CembrePKT508KOãCàWKA RURK. HI-2X0,5-8.2 DINErgom
CembrePKT614E08KH-02020102301, HI 2X6/14Ergom
CembrePL03-ME118 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy izolowany KLI 1 PCV czerwony (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E09KO-02060300101 Art. 1131-521AA-ER058 TIM Art. 545RED-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 3M871240 Fabory Art. WBC545-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 9A081762 FaboryErgom
CembrePL06-MKLI 2,5 PCV, E09KO-02060300201, 1131-531AA-ER010, 546BLU-100, 9Q499316, WBC546-100, 7F834134, #35244-0
CembrePL1-ME237 Ergom: ˆ¥cznik rurkowy izolowany KLI 6 PCV ¾¢ˆty (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E09KO-02060300301 Art. 1131-531AA-ER011 TIM Art. 551YLW-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 1H303539 Fabory Art. WBC551-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 0T980362 FaboryErgom
CembreQ 16-10RSQ 7127 A10-16Stocko
CembreQ 16-8100055-01Stocko
CembreQ 50-6RSQ 7136 A 6-50Stocko
CembreQ10-6RSQ 7120 A 6-10, 6x6KU-SP
CembreQ10-810x8KU-SP, 6x8KU-SP, E09KO-01010103400, KOA_8-10/100
CembreQ120-8Koäc¢wka kablowa KO 120/8Ergom
CembreQ16-616x6KU-SP, KOA_6-16/100, KOA M6-16/ KO 16/6Erko
CembreQ16-816x8KU-SP, KOA_8-16/100Erko
CembreQ25 5RSQ 7156 A5-25Stocko
CembreQ25 8RSQ 7130 A 8-25Stocko
CembreQ25-10RSQ 7131 A10-25, 25x10KU-SP
CembreQ25-6RSQ 7156 A 6-25Stocko
CembreQ25-825x8KU-SP, KOA-8-25/50, KO 25/8
CembreQ35-8E09KO-01010104900, RSQ 7134 A 8-35, KO 35/8
CembreQ50-10RSQ 7136 A 10-50, 50x10KU-SP
CembreQ50-8RSQ 7136 A8-50, 50x8KU-SP, E09KO-01010105500Stocko
CembreQ70-870x8KU-SP, KO 70/8Erko
RennsteigR624 727 3 023539727-2Tyco
RennsteigR624 737 3 02539737-2Tyco
RennsteigR624 828 3 0125-1579001-3Tyco
RennsteigR624 950 3 023539950-2Tyco
CembreRF-BF4GCI 1/4 PCV, E10KN-03030300101, 548RED-100, 7B018619
CembreRF-BM4WI 1/4 PCV, E10KN-03040100901
CembreRF-F305Tyco #0-0165565-2Te
CembreRF-F305PE343 Ergom: nasuwka caˆkowicie izolowana NCI 2,8-1/0,5 PCV czerwona (1opak.=100szt.) Art. 1559RED-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 9F438931 FaboryErgom
CembreRF-F308RSP 7506.001 F 2,8-1Stocko
CembreRF-F408PNCI 4,8-1/0,8 PCV, 1741RED-100, 1C884405
CembreRF-F608PNCI 6,3-1/0,8 PCV, 1541RED-100, 5Y223962, #9-0160583-2, E10KN-03010302801
CembreRF-FM608Tyco #0-0160834-2Te
CembreRF-M10Koäc¢wka KOI 1/10 czerwona op = 100sztErgom
CembreRF-M4KOI 1/4 PCV, #0-0031890-0
CembreRF-M5amp 130008-0Te
CembreRF-M6amp 130046-0, KOI 1/6 PCV
CembreRF-U3Koäc¢wka KWI 1/3 W 100 OP=100SZTErgom
CembreRF-U5Koäc¢wka KWI 1/5 Wideˆ. 100Ergom
CembreRF-U6Koäc¢wka KWI 1/6 Wideˆ. 100Ergom
CembreRN-M4RSQ7104 A4-1, KOA_4-1/100, KO 1/4
CembreRN-M6E09KO-01010101200, KOA_6-1/100Erko
CembreRN-M8RSQ7158A8-1, KOA_8-1/100
CembreS2.5-M6Tyco #0-0322733-0Te
GMGST-089/254GMG 32040.51.021 lub GMG 32042.51.021GMG
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000011E168 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 0,75/12 ERHL biaˆa (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02010102802 Art. TE 0,75-10/100 Erko Art. TI0,75/10 EM Art. CEW075-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 0R136224 FaboryErgom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000025E244 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 6/12 ERHL czarna (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02010106200 Art. TE 6-12/100 Erko Art. TI6/12 EM Art. CEW060-25 (BOX a'25szt.) Ripca / Art. 9X446740 FaboryErgom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000030E506 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 16/18 ERHL zielona (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02010108000 Art. CEW160-10 (BOX a'10szt.) Ripca / Art. 1E257415 FaboryErgom
Z+FV30AE000039Koäc¢wka TE/HI 0.5-10 kpl100szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000046Koäc¢wka TE/HI 1.0-10 kpl. 500szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000049HI 1,5/10, E08KH-02010104301Ergom
Z+FV30AE000050Koäc¢wka HI 1.5/12 (opk=100)Ergom
Z+FV30AE000051Koäc¢wka TE/HI 1.5/18 kpl. 100szt.Ergom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000053E243 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 2,5/12 ERHL niebieska (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02010105202 Art. TE 2,5-10/100 Erko Art. TI2,5/8 EM Art. CEW025-50 (BOX a'50szt.) Ripca / Art. 2K510393 FaboryErgom
Z+FV30AE000055Koäc¢wka TE/HI 4-10 kpl. 500szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000058Koäc¢wka TE/HI 6-12 kpl. 100szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000060Koäc¢wka TE/HI 10-12 kpl. 100szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000061Koäc¢wka HI 10/18 /opk. 100 szt./Ergom
Z+FV30AE000063Koäc¢wka TE/HI 16-18 kpl. 100szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000066Koäc¢wka TE/HI 25-22 kpl. 50szt.Ergom
Z+FV30AE000734Koäc¢wka HI 2x0.75-10 DIN kolor szary E08KH-02020100601 (opak=100 szt.)Ergom
Z+FV30AE000736Koäc¢wka HI 2x1/12 (opk=100)Ergom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000737E245 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 2x1,5/12 czerwona (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02020105301 Art. TE 1,5-10 Erko Art. CETW150-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 2K033762 FaboryErgom
Z+FV30AE000738Koäc¢wka HI 2x1.5/12 (opk=500)DIN czarnaErgom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE000748E246 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 2x2,5/10 niebieska (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02020105521 Art. TV 2,5-10/100 Erko Art. CETW250-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 7Y177025 FaboryErgom
Z+FV30AE001148Koäc¢wka HI 2x4/12(szt.100)Ergom
Z+FV30AE001149Koäc¢wka HI 2x4/18Ergom
Z+FV30AE001151Koäc¢wka HI 2x 6/18 /opk. 100 szt./Ergom
Z+FV30AE001152Koäc¢wka HI TE 2x1.5-18 mmErgom
Zoller+FrohlichV30AE002114E242 Ergom: koäc¢wka tulejkowa izolowana HI 1,5/12 ERHL czerwona (1opak.=100szt.) Art. E08KH-02010104402 Art. TE 1,5-10/100 Erko Art. TI1,5/10 EM Art. CEW015-100 (BOX a'100szt.) Ripca / Art. 1H989879 FaboryErgom
Z+FV30AE003702HI 2.5-10, E08KH-02010105001Ergom
Z+FV30AE004159Koäc¢wka HI 0,5/12/ ERKO TE 0,5-12 BIAAErgom
Z+FV30AE006297Koäc¢wka TE/HI 2x 0,75-12Ergom
Z+FV30AE009089Koäc¢wka TE/HI 70/25 kpl. 50 szt.Ergom
Z+FV30MA000030Koäc¢wka kablowa AI 2,5- 8 BU-B/3201408/Phoenix/500szt./Ergom
Z+FV30MA000035Koäc¢wka kablowa AI 0,75- 8 GY-B/3201372/Phoenix/1000szt./Ergom
Z+FV30MA000040Koäc¢wka kablowa AI 1,5- 8 BK-B/3201398/Phoenix/1000szt./Ergom

Instructional videos

Are you a DIY enthusiast, handyman and you can do many things yourself? If so, this tab is for you! You don’t want to have your tools repaired by a distributor or manufacturer. You don't want to waste your time. You can replace the spring in the crimping pliers yourself. If you have our RENNSTEIG tools or any machines from our manufacturers, please use our guidelines and do it yourself!

MULTISTRIP 16 | 707 040 from RENNSTEIG

Chcesz się dowiedzieć jak prawidłowo pracować narzędziem MULTISTRIP 16?Do you want to know how to work with MULTISTRIP 16 correctly? Watch the video and you will learn step by step how many possibilities you have using the stripper. Stanislaw Dobosz - Technical Manager provides very valuable educational content! Arrange training or a presentation at your company.

Replacing a spring in the RENNSTEIG crimper.

How do I replace a spring in a crimping press 624 000 3 from RENNSTEIG? ➡ Instructional video The technical engineer from Wire Solutions is replacing the spring in RENNSTEIG crimping pliers. Replacement products: KNIPEX 97 43 200 Wire Solutions is the exclusive supplier of components, hand tools for cable harness production.

Wire Solutions | Metzner | Productronica | 2019

What do you associate orange wires with? Recently, a lot of such cables are definitely used in the production of electric cars. Electromobility is the motto of this decade. How to process such a cable from the high voltage industry in a correct way: cut, strip, crimp? If you own the machines from our German manufacturer Metzner - this demonstration and training video is definitely for you! Or are you planning to buy necessary equipment? See how our specialists: Katarzyna Sołoducha and Stanisław Dobosz made a presentation of the Metzner machines at Productronica 2019 in Munich.