RAMATECH - precise systems for dereeling, rewinding, winding and cutting cables.

Ramatech is a European leader in providing solutions for dereeling, rewinding and winding cables. The devices of this manufacturer ensure the correctness of the cutting and stripping process, minimizing the risk of material losses. Ramatech products will guarantee correct dereeling and winding of cables both from small standard spools and from huge reels with diameters up to 3,000 mm and weighing up to 10,000 kg. This Swiss manufacturer with 30 years of experience offers both simple and advanced solutions to automate the production process, so its offer should be of interest to manufacturers looking for long-term savings. The systems for dereeling, rewinding and winding cables are easy to use and without problems can be connected with the automatic and semi-automatic machines most used on the European market. All solutions are based on the highest quality components. High-power servo drives, durable electronics, solid construction ensure long and trouble-free operation.

Wire Solutions has gained the trust of Ramatech and offers both stationary single reel decoiling machines and multi-ring/reel systems on special frames with automatic wire decoiling and feeding systems for RAMA processing. Additionally, Ramatech's offer includes a device - unrivaled on the market - for cutting and stripping insulation from wires up to 400 mm². Ramatech stands for Swiss precision and reliability.

WIRE SOLUTIONS is the general distributor of the products of the Swiss manufacturer - Ramatech on the Polish market.

What can we find on Ramatech offer?

• devices for dereeling and winding cables
• systems for automatic cable feeding
• cutting and stripping devices up to 400 mm2
• cable reel rack systems

What distinguishes Ramatech products?

• wide range - devices that guarantee correct dereeling and winding from small sppols and from huge reels with a diameter of up to 3,000 mm and a weight of up to 10 tons
• stationary devices for uncoiling one reel, as well as multi-ring/reel systems in special frames - RAMA system
• The only machine in the world for processing wires up to 400mm2
• Swiss precision and reliability of devices


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