Rennsteig - German quality and precision tools for professionals.

WIRE SOLUTIONS is the general and exclusive distributor of Rennsteig assortment for processing cables and wires on the Polish market. The company RENNSTEIG Werkzeuge (owned by Knipex) is based in the German town of Viernau, Thuringia. Rennsteig specializes in the production of two basic groups of tools. These are hand tools such as pipe wrenches, chisels, cutters, punches as well as chisels for electric and pneumatic hammers. The second dynamically developing group includes specialized tools for cable processing, such as: strippers, presses, tools for processing fiber optic cables, tools for assembling photovoltaic installations. The company is known as a renowned supplier of specialized solutions for cable processing in the automotive and aviation industries and is a producer of many well-known brands, such as: eg Knipex.

What can we find on Rennsteig offer?

• professional tools for cable processing - cutting, stripping and crimping
• tools for crimping with the use of additional force - electromechanical, electro-hydraulic, battery, pneumatic (for series production)
• tools for processing cables in photovoltaic systems
• fiber optic cable processing tools
• assembly tools

What distinguishes Rennsteig products?

• always good connections
• process repeatability guaranteed
• the highest level of quality
• excellent ergonomics of tools
• innovative designs in response to the special needs of the client
• numerous certificates



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