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Punches and anvils in applicators these are fast-wearing parts that are extremely important in creating correct crimps. However, punches and matrices wear out faster in some applicators and slower in others. What it depends on? What determines their durability? And finally: what determines the durability of the entire applicator? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

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Applicator maintenance - check out the Mecal Restyling solution 

An important element that affects the longer life of quickly wearing parts is their regular maintenance. As we know, applicator maintenance includes oiling individual parts, i.e insulation punches and matrices. How often should this be done? It depends! Typically, a given manufacturer specifies after how many cycles such service should be performed. It is worth being consistent and sticking to the imposed recommendations, because lack of regular maintenance results in complete wear punches and anvils in applicators. And if you are interested in comprehensive applicator service, contact Wire Solutions! We don't just lubricate stamp and insulation matrix, but we also clean the entire thing crimping applicator and replace damaged components.

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Mecal brand Its offer includes retrofitting options Restyling applicator in a container with lubricant. This supplement contains a soaked insert inside, from which crimping applicator draws liquid and lubricates itself punch and insulating matrix. This way we gain less friction of the parts Mecal applicator, which translates into increased durability of these elements. Thanks to this solution applicator service clamping it doesn't have to be done as often.

Oczywiście lubrication of applicators at the same time it influences the quality of the clamps made. Lack of lubrication may cause the pins to bend with each movement. The lubricant lubricates the pin, so it does not jam in the guide.

What influences the durability of cable applicators?

For each production of cable harnesses, an important issue is the durability of devices, machines, components and basically everything used for processing of wires and cables. You may have just read about the fact that in the case of parts for applicators, it is important to maintain them regularly. Nevertheless, whole construction of the crimping applicator is also important. An example that well illustrates this fact is Redline applicator by Demirel (formerly Hanke).

In this particular product, the red elements are made of aluminum, which is a smart solution considering the properties of this material. Aluminum perfectly dissipates heat generated during friction stamps in the applicator, which prevents the device from overheating. This aspect has a direct impact on the durability of the entire applicator.

To summarize, the choice of aluminum for the production of certain elements Redline applicator is proof of careful design and attention to durability. Therefore, it is not surprising that Demirel brand is one of the top in terms of production of crimping applicators. Thanks to the use of aluminum, Redline applicator has increased durability because the temperature does not reach dangerously high values ​​that could lead to damage.

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The durability of applicators is influenced by the terminals used!

In the context of the durability of the applicator, not only its structure is important, but also the shape... of the terminals used to crimp! The reason is simple: some cable lugs have sharp ends, which will have a significant impact on the life of the punches and anvils. Therefore as Wire Solutions we recommend GMG non-insulated terminals, because the chamfers visible on them wear out the parts in the applicators to a lesser extent. These chamfers are nothing more than roundings on the corners of the fastons - you will see them in the video below.

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