Hirose - Japanese manufacturer of electronic connectors.

HIROSE is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality connectors. The company has 8 production plants located in Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China (2) and Japan (3). HIROSE offer includes over 50,000 different connectors for industries such as: automotive, telecommunications, manufacture, robotics, medical industry, household appliances. Hirose company believes that the foundation of its success is constantly watching the dynamic development of the electronics industry, analyzing the progress of civilization, and forecasting development directions. A quick response to the requirements of the progressive market is a great advantage of this manufacturer. This is evidenced by the fact that as much as 30% of Hirose offer per year is new.

What can we find on Hirose offer?

- input/output connectors
- wire-to-board connectors
- board-to-board connectors
- coaxial/RF
- fiber optic connectors
- modular jacks/plugs
- wire-to-wire connectors
- data connectors
- edge connectors - automotive
- power connectors
- switches/sensors

What distinguishes Hirose products?

- innovative, breakthrough solutions
- the most modern manufacturing technologies


Hirose 2020 Connector Selector