WERA’s brand statement: “Be a Tool Rebel!” Anyone can become a tool rebel and be on the same wavelength with the German manufacturer Wera which has been operating dynamically on the European market for over 75 years.

The company with German capital and a factory in the Czech Republic is a leader of top-class screwdriver tools used in such industries as: automotive, aviation, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, control cabinets, automation but also in the bicycle sector (tools designed specially to be used by active cyclists!)

Wera as a company is very active in projects with companies promoting various sports. A special product line “Wera Red Bull Racing” was created in cooperation with Red Bull.

What can you find in Wera offer?

• screwdrivers
• L-keys
• bits
• ratchets

What distinguishes Wera products?

• creation of their own Tool Rebel style which means non-standard solutions to problems, being in a good mood and identifying with Rock 'n' Roll music. They convey their style through original gestures and greetings in the pictures
• creation of their own patented TORX® system in accordance with Acument Intellectual Properties specification. In any narrow and difficult-to-access spaces where it is not possible to hold a screw with the other hand, this system proves very helpful, since the holding force which is created by pressing the tool tip and socket profile allows TORX® screwdrivers to be held in a secure way
• a constant search for new design and visual solutions (WERA tools and packaging are definitely eye-catching)

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